Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy anniversary

I believe it has been a year for the blog. I'm just glad I'm still hangin' in there. Yes, my New Year's Eve was hangin' at home, but at least I got to make some art! Here is a new canvas I finished today. This is acrylic paint, a black and white copy of a picture of the inside of a church, some vintage paper, and some goodies from Somerset Studio magazine. The red paint was done over a layer of vaseline so that it would wipe away from the first layer of blue. (Note to self, less vaseline. That was messy.) I did have fun melting droplets of blue crayon on to the final layer; I'm not sure if it shows up. Around the edge I wrote "Love is the gift that gives back to you the more you give it. You cannot become impoverished by giving away all you have.

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rscoach said...

Really love this piece - the tags add so much and your written sentiment says it all - curious about the vaseline process - where could I find out how to do that? Wishing you a very happy and creative 2009! Reva (Los Angeles)