Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's a card I made for the "favorite things" swap in one of my groups: those who know me know that coffee is definitely one of my favorite things! (A major highlight this month was becoming a preferred member of my local coffee shop;) The dark background paper is mulberry paper. The focal piece I've actually had for a while and am glad I can use it. It's alcohol stained semi-glossy paper with stamping, scrapbokoing paper, and stickers on top. Hm . . . makes me hanker for a latte. Simple things like a really good cup of coffee I've learned to appreciate.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

finding solace through creativity

I still believe in summer days

The seasons always change

And life will find a way.

I'll be your harvester of light

And send it out tonight

So we can start again

Is love alive?

Is love alive?

Is love alive?

Winter Song lyrics

I had to let go of my beloved sister last month, as she succombed to infection after organ transplant. I miss hearing her voice on the other side of the phone so much . . . she always had time for me. But my lover for her is still is alive. She taught me never to give up.

So I'm still creating . . . after finding the postcrossing website I'm mailing off this post card to an address I got from the site. Users log in the post card they get. Then the original sender gets back a post card from another person - a third user who got his or her address. I like the idea of mail circling the globe like that:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

I've been feeling real creative lately, or at least desirous of creating. It's hard to want to do other things (keeping up with the latest book club selection, writing syllabi for classes, job searching . . . ) but I go back to creating after a while of doing this stuff. Life is not perfect. But life is good. I write almost every day. Where it's going, I don't know, but getting in to the discipline of writing is what I'm focsed on now.

The pic here is of some fusion paper (ala Traci Bautista's methods) that I made yesterday. I love the serendipity of slapping on layers of paper with watered down glue, and I love that it's re-using paper towels. There's also some tissue paper pieces in here that came with a gift, and some pages from an old thesaurus. Let's here it for ripping and pasting!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

journal adventures

Here's a pic from a recent entry in my art journal. I try not to think to much when I work in it, whether I'm creating backgrounds or writing. I try to make it one place where it is ok not to think that much. These pages include layering of paint and I like the effect, especially with the clip art image on the left.
Balancing Act
Creation feeds the soul but
work keeps body together.
Where is the balancing point that allows
the one to survive so the other may

Monday, July 5, 2010

Coming out of hibernation!

Really. Has it been that long. I am almost ashamed . . . except I've decided to stop casting blame on myself and move on. It's been a long hibernation trying to make it work at a new job . . . which didn't and trying to put the finishing touches on a master's thesis . . . which did! My art creation follows seasonal cycles, so spring and summer always find me more productive. But I'm using my art journal more this year, and finding out more about myself as I make a big transition. As I explore more of who I really am in the journal, I think it will mean more art. Right now I'm enjoying being free. I'll post pics from the journal soon, but for now I'll leave a picture of an ATC I've done recently and an excerpt from the journal.

My life is still enough of a blank page that I have the


to create more. A wash of paint. A coat of gesso. And it's ok to start again. The remnants of the old will still be there . . . but beginning again means that I do not need to fight against the limits others place upon me but that I can


A few lines from a favorite song by Natasha Beddingfield:

I am unwritten

Can't read my mind

I'm undefined

I'm just beginning

Pen's in my hand

Ending unplanned

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you inkspillers attic!

Thank you to Ink Spillers Attic for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award.
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Link to their blog.
3. Copy the logo and put it on your blog.
4. Post about seven things no one else would know about you.
5. Nominate seven other blogs.
6. Link to them.
7. Leave a comment on the blogs telling them you've nominated them.
I think I did this all ok - had some difficulty posting the logo but had fun thinking of the seven things.
Seven things about myself that no one would know? That's tough, but here goes:
1. I like the Underworld movies. Not all vampire movies - I refuse to embrace Twilight. But there's something about the Underworld series that taps in to my dark side.
2. I think about getting a tattoo - of a phoenix. I go back and forth and really can't commit.
3. I once competed in a blueberry pie eating contest - speed round. It was just me, one blueberry pie, and the competiton. It was close, but he finished his first.
4. I like knitting socks. A lot of them. No fancy patterns, just the basic sock in lots of pretty colors.
5. I may have seen every Law and Order episide that exists. I even watch reruns. There is something comforting in its predictability.
6. I really like guacamole. I tend not to share it but will guiltily enjoy it on my own, say on a Friday night, maybe watching episodes of Law and Order.
7. Purple is my favorite color not simply because it looks good but because it often symbolizes royalty and I like to think of myself as the Queen - of what, I'm not that sure.

7 more bloggers I'd like to nominate:
1. e14studio
2. Princess Bubbles Creates
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A Christmas Post card

Watercolor background with clip art from Somerset Studio magazine. Getting in to the spririt of the season.