Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back again! skinny pages

Well, what a hiatus! Unintentional, in a good way. I got a job! It is a long term sub job and goes until January, but there may be possibilities for the future. It's going well; I am definitely blessed. The job and graduate class, along with part time tutoring has left me lacking in art time. I know, I know, make time! I've still been knitting, and took time out to go to the Rhinebeck NYState Sheep and Wool Festival. Fabulous Fibers in lots of yummy colors. The colors themselves were inspiring. I have finally finished the skinny pages for the swap I signed up for (thank you Belinda for hosting and being so organized!!). I had some orange paint mixed from other colors. So that's what ended up, along with a couple of other accent colors. Here are two samples (side by side in photo).

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Christy said...

These skinny pages are so warm and sunny. Reminds me of a lovely spring/summer day.