Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've accepted a challenge to make something coffee themed, so now I'm thinking about where my coffee themed stamps are, and thinking back to this atc I made a while ago. I really liked making the painted tissue paper which forms the background. I think I got that from Traci Bautista in Cloth Paper Scissors. I got her Collage Unleashed book and love it! So now I'm thinking of some rich brown backgrounds. Hmm . . . I think it's time to head to Starbucks for some inspiration!

Monday, June 23, 2008

more atc's with diaper liner backgrounds

Here are more

ATC's galore, Favorite techniques and magazines

Since I'm now on vacation I've had a blast playing wiht art supplies again. I also had a chance to take some photos of atc's I'd already made. Here are some with painted and stained diaper liners (I know, weird, but I saw it in Cloth Paper Scissors, so I gave it a try). CPS is one of my favorite mags, and as is Someset Studio. Eye candy galore, and techniques I really can try. These atcs involved using the diaper liners to wipe off excess paint as I was making other things. I took a look at them and realized they looked pretty good for backgrounds. I xyroned the atc's and stuck them to the diaper liners and cut to size. The pictures of the ladies are from Somerset studio clip art (love that prize in each magazine!) The kids faces were toner transferred onto water color paper and then painted over. The building picture is from my trip to London - I cut up the pictures that were not so great. Add some ephemera and - I LOVE MY ATC's!