Friday, July 16, 2010

I've been feeling real creative lately, or at least desirous of creating. It's hard to want to do other things (keeping up with the latest book club selection, writing syllabi for classes, job searching . . . ) but I go back to creating after a while of doing this stuff. Life is not perfect. But life is good. I write almost every day. Where it's going, I don't know, but getting in to the discipline of writing is what I'm focsed on now.

The pic here is of some fusion paper (ala Traci Bautista's methods) that I made yesterday. I love the serendipity of slapping on layers of paper with watered down glue, and I love that it's re-using paper towels. There's also some tissue paper pieces in here that came with a gift, and some pages from an old thesaurus. Let's here it for ripping and pasting!

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Sharon House, Victoria, B.C. Canada said...

YAY for ripping and pasting! It's a ton of fun and the end "product" is so serendipitous! Love what you created here... a great background for collage.