Monday, July 5, 2010

Coming out of hibernation!

Really. Has it been that long. I am almost ashamed . . . except I've decided to stop casting blame on myself and move on. It's been a long hibernation trying to make it work at a new job . . . which didn't and trying to put the finishing touches on a master's thesis . . . which did! My art creation follows seasonal cycles, so spring and summer always find me more productive. But I'm using my art journal more this year, and finding out more about myself as I make a big transition. As I explore more of who I really am in the journal, I think it will mean more art. Right now I'm enjoying being free. I'll post pics from the journal soon, but for now I'll leave a picture of an ATC I've done recently and an excerpt from the journal.

My life is still enough of a blank page that I have the


to create more. A wash of paint. A coat of gesso. And it's ok to start again. The remnants of the old will still be there . . . but beginning again means that I do not need to fight against the limits others place upon me but that I can


A few lines from a favorite song by Natasha Beddingfield:

I am unwritten

Can't read my mind

I'm undefined

I'm just beginning

Pen's in my hand

Ending unplanned

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Deborah said...

Love your blog! I looked for the follow feature but cannot find it. Would you put it up?