Friday, August 14, 2009

Quilted post card

Here is my final quilted postcard. It is still a bit floppy, so I will mail it in an envelope. I appliqued some pink hearts and gave Angelina fibers a try for the shiny blue heart. The Angelina turned out very cool (color: Blue Calypso). I hand quilted lines across the post card and then machine zigzagged around the outside. Finally I zigzagged around the heart. To melt the Angelina fibers together I turned the iron on medium and placed the fibers between parchment papers and ironed. Then I folded the piece over and cut out a heart. Not perfect, but it turned out better than I imagined. So here it is.


elle said...

Very nice. I might consider free motion stitching a word across the lower left if it was me.
I'm definitely gonna have to set some time aside and make these. 8^)

yvonne said...

Thanks Susan, I love your first pc and your other art is wonderful as well. I will follow your blog to see your progression.