Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally some more post cards

Clearly I missed out on my own challenge:( Since my busy-ness was caused by a great new job and my master's thesis, I'm not surprised my art has dropped off. But I do have some new post cards and some new good news. My master's thesis . . . . (drumroll) passed with flying colors and rave reviews! Whew! NOW I can look forward to some work from the Stitch Alchemy book - I had to put that on hold with the thesis. So, here's a thank you post card to a friend who had me over for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. There is a picture passed on via internet from another artist, the earring bling is from Somerset Studio magazine, some blue glossy paper with some interference Pearl-Ex on it, and if you look really close, a special Hersey's candy wrapper.

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